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  • The Disappointed Writer, Foteini Vlachou

The Disappointed Writer, Foteini Vlachou

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My first encounter with Foteini Vlachou was marked by the qualities that I later found to be definitive of her approach to her life and work: bold intelligence, fearless self-confidence, independence of thought, and absolute commitment to the discipline of art history as a practice of theory that was, in its essence, a worldly, consequential — indeed, political — project. Later, I was to learn of her other great qualities, not least her openness to experience, her warm-hearted generosity, and her committed collegiality. […]

As this book demonstrates, Foteini Vlachou had been narrating the periphery for some time, and brilliantly so.

Terry Smith, from the introduction: “Periphrasis: Provinces, Margins,
Peripheries, Centres — Foteini Vlachou and the decentring of Art History”.


The Disappointed Writer, Foteini Vlachou
with an introduction by Terry Smith

Translations by Efi Katsanika (Greek) and Rui Pires Cabral (Portuguese)

Revision and editing: Mariana Pinto dos Santos
Further revision (ancient Portuguese translations): Begoña Farré Torras

Book cover (following the author’s suggestion) & design:
Rui Miguel Ribeiro

Cover image: St. Matthew writing his Gospel, Gospels,
Britanny 9th-10th century, Bodleian Library,
MS. Auct. D. 2. 16, fol. 28v

384 pages (including 32 pages of figures and colour illustrations)

Saguão 06, 1st edition, March 2019
Colecção Sanguínea 1
600 copies
ISBN: 978-989-99944-6-1